Central Andes

Exploration Framework Atlas 3: Central Andes

3rd Edition, March 2009

This concise synthesis of the geological history of the central Andes, covering Ecuador, Peru, Bolivia, northern Argentina and northern Chile is based almost two decades of experience in the region, and builds on previous Tectonic Analysis reports (1992, 1996).

The Atlas presents the results of multidisciplinary work in the region including structure mapping, stratigraphic logging and analysis, tectonic analysis, sedimentology and geochronology. It presents a uniquely integrated model for the complex geology and geological history of the region and summarises key information relevant to hydrocarbon exploration.

This Exploration Framework Atlas condenses the results of our research in an efficient, user friendly format, presented as 64 11" x 17" (A3) format pages of maps, text and explanatory figures. In addition we include georefenced Deneba Canvas X files, and geotiffs for all palinspastic maps, for incorporation into client GIS projects.

Main Focuses of this Atlas:


  • Discussion of plate-tectonic and geodynamic constraints, such as changing subduction geometry
  • Integration with our revised Caribbean Models, affecting all areas north of Lima, Peru (see also - Caribbean Page)
  • New cross-sections based on the author's own field data for key areas
  • New apatite fission track data and sedimentology used to constrain deformation age


  • Models and data synthesised through 19 paleogeographic maps, drawn on palinspastic basemaps
  • Maps richly annotated with formation names, lithologic information, and key structural elements active at the time
  • Assessment and explanation of why forearc basins in the north (Talara, Guayaquil) are so different in style to basins in the south (Trujillo, Salaverry)


  • Summary charts for 10 basins, incorporating the major hydrocarbon-systems elements
  • Discussions on key stratigraphic units in several basins
  • New fission track ages from detrital grains on key stratigraphic units


  • Concise descriptions of selected stratigraphic sections studied by the authors
  • Petrographic and heavy mineral data linked to well-dated events in the High Andes
  • Thin-section photographs of the author's own samples from key reservoir units

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