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Book Title Paleogeographic Evolution and Non-glacial Eustasy, northern South America; SEPM (Society for Sedimentary Geology), Special Publication 58
Editors James Pindell & Charles Drake
Status Out of print
Key papers Pindell, J. L., Higgs, R. & Dewey, J. F., Cenozoic palinspastic reconstruction, paleogeographic evolution, and hydrocarbon setting of the northern margin of South America, 45-86

Algar, S. T., Heady, E. & Pindell, J. L., 1998, Fission-track dating in Trinidad: Implications for provenance, depositional timing, and tectonic uplift, 111-128

Erikson, J. P. & Pindell, J. L., Cretaceous-Eocene passive margin stratigraphy and detailed paleogeography of northeastern Venezuela, 217-260

Erikson, J. P. & Pindell, J. L., Interpretation of sequence stratigraphy and relative sea level history of the Cretaceous to Eocene passive margin of northeastern Venezuela, and the possible tectonic and eustatic causes of stratigraphic development, 261-282

Villamil, T. & Pindell, J.L., 1998, The Mesozoic of northern South America: foundations for sequence stratigraphic studies in passive margin strata deposited during non-glacial times, 283-318

PDF Contents and selected abstracts, 8.4 Mb
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